Pigeon - United Electric Breast Pump Pro

*Safe and Gentle

Easy shift from stimulation to expression mode that assures ultimate comfort and gentle care for the breasts. The breastpump suction is very deep yet very gentle. You can adjust speed and suction strength independently. It promotes longer breastfeeding period and increase in milk production.


Peaceful and stress-free milk expression. It also allows the baby to feed on one side of the breast and for the mom to express on the other side.


It has very few parts. Consumable parts are also very affordable.                                                                                    


There are two available flanges, regular and large. Large are not only for mom's with bigger breast size but also when mom's too full of milk. Flanges also avoid milk spill.

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The new range of PIGEON breast pumps comes with Comfort ProperFit™ Soft Silicone Cushion. With specially designed air-tight ring and inner curves, it provides a secure seal and fits the breast perfectly, gently cupping the breast to prevent air leakage during expression. No air leakage will improve milk extraction during expressing. The 100% silicone cushion also provides a comfortable fit to enhance the overall pumping experience.


The new range of PIGEON breast pumps comes with the stimulation mode, which enables mothers to gently stimulate their breasts for a good let-down of breast milk. This is essential to prepare the breast and initiate milk flow prior to expression.


When expressing breast milk, it is important that mothers are able to express comfortably and efficiently. The new range of breast pumps from PIGEON comes with different levels of suction power and speed for mothers to choose comfortably according to their body condition to maximize milk flow.

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